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Distracted Driving Program

Generation tXt – A three module film inspired by teens with teens in mind on the dangers of distracted driving.

Tyler - At age 14, Tyler was joy riding with a friend who was speeding and distracted by other teens in the car. He tells his story and urges others to speak up if they are in a compromising position.

Ashley - Ashley died while she was texting at the wheel. Her classmates remember their friend and explain how the senseless tragedy has changed their lives.

Pledge - Teens work together in their school to bring awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and to encourage their peers to take a safe driving pledge.

Generation tXt
(the three films below)
11:34 View      
Tyler's Story  4:24 View Download    
Ashley's Story 3:48 View Download    
Pledge 3:35 View Download    
Generation tXt Powerpoint     Download    
Am I Distracted? (questionnaire)   View Download    
Senior Driving Program with Discussion Guides & PowerPoint

The Key - A documentary about signs in the older driver and how family members and caretakers can offer alternatives.

The Conversation - Features several older drivers discussing their driving experiences and tips on how you can approach them on this delicate topic.

The Key 50:35 View Download    
The Conversation  25:40 View Download    
Senior Self Assessment: Discussion Guide     Download    
Observing Seniors: Discussion Guide     Download    
PowerPoint Presentation     Download    
Proficiency Program with Discussion Guide and PowerPoint

The Other Breakfast Club - A documentary which tells the stories of six young people who met in rehabilitation during their recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury.

No Way Back - Four short stories of young adults who endured a coma from a car crash resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury.

  • (Speeding) DAVID was speeding as he was driving home and veered off the road. Unable to recover, his car flipped over 5 times and he had to be airlifted to the nearest hospital.
  • (Tailgating) ADORA had her driver license for one month before her crash. She was tailgating a truck, when it suddenly braked. To avoid crashing, she swerved to the left, where she was hit by an oncoming truck from the opposite direction.
  • (Time Management) KELLEY attempted to exit a shopping mall parking lot by making a left turn onto a two-lane highway. She misjudged traffic and was hit by an oncoming truck.
  • (Line of Sight/Path of Travel) AMY was injured in a rollover crash when her mother, who failed to slow down while approaching an upward curve on the freeway, swerved in an attempt to avoid backed up traffic from a crash ahead.
The Other Breakfast Club 47:00 View


No Way Back
(the four films below)
20:37 View Download    
Speeding 5:13 View Download    
Tailgating 4:40 View Download    
Time Management 4:26 View Download    
Blind Spots 4:19 View Download    
Discussion Guide     Download    
PowerPoint Presentation     Download    
Drowsy Driving Programs with Discussion Guides & PowerPoints

Almost Home - Four compelling stories paint the drowsy driving profile

  • Rusty's Regret - Rusty drove off the road on his way home after prom. Only moments from his home, his car crossed the center line, hit an embankment and flipped over, leaving Rusty paralyzed.
  • Tom & Jane - Tom fell asleep at the wheel while driving home with his wife, Jane. Almost home, he slipped into a 4-second micro-sleep, crashed his car and killed Jane.
  • Kevin's Dad - Kevin, riding his bicycle near home, was hit by a shift worker returning from work the after her night shift the next afternoon.
  • Maggie's Law - Maggie was driving to work when she was killed in a head-on collision. Her death led to Maggie's Law in New Jersey, the first to recognize drowsy driving as illegal.

Recognizing the Drowsy Driver - Two films distinguish the drowsy driver in you, in other drivers and your role as the passenger.

  • Breakin' Nite helps young adults recognize warning signs and make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • A Father's Loss shows parents and friends positive ways to intervene and reduce risks.
Profiling the Drowsy Driver Program: Almost Home with Discussion Guide
Almost Home
(the four films below)
18:12 View Download View Download
Rusty's Regret 3:49 View Download View Download
Maggie's Law 4:29 View Download View Download
Kevin's Dad 4:34 View Download View Download
Tom & Jane 4:08 View Download View Download
Discussion Guide     Download    
PowerPoint Presentation     Download    
Recognizing the Drowsy Driver
Breakin' Nite 8:45 View Download    
A Father's Loss 5:00 View Download    
Discussion Guide     Download    
PowerPoint Presentation     Download    
Speed and Aggression Programs with Discussion Guide & PowerPoints

One Second in Time - A fatal drag race in Oregon that cost a 10-year old girl her life and two young men sentenced behind bars.

Cage the Rage - Aggressive driving countermeasures and its consequences.

Don't Bug Out! - 3-cartoons teach the dangers of aggressive driving and promote children's role in car safety

  • Tailgating - :30 animated PSA shows the dangers of tailgating
  • Shoulder Driving - :15 animated PSA shows the danger of driving on the shoulder
  • Waterbugging - :30 animated PSA shows the danger of speeding and weaving in and out of traffic
One Second in Time 13:48 View Download View Download
Cage the Rage 6:42 View Download    
Discussion Guide     Download    
PowerPoint     Download    
Don't Bug Out
Shoulder Driving PSA   View Download    
Tailgating PSA   View Download    
Water Bugging PSA   View Download    
Don't Bug Out:
Driver Evaluation Card
Don't Bug Out:
Driver Evaluation Card
PowerPoint Presentation
Impaired Driving Programs with Discussion Guide & PowerPoints

Road Buzzed - A 7 1/2 minute film that empowers teens to prevent, avoid or get our of impaired driving situations

The Aftermath - Olympic diver Bruce Kimball, was driving while impaired, drove through a group of teens, killing two and injuring others.

Follow Your Dream - Miss America 2006, Jennifer Berry, speaks to youth about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Stay in the Picture - A Teen Prom Program. The 7-minute film demonstrate risks taken while driving before prom, prom night and during summer break.

Road Buzzed - all four films 7:51 View Download    
 1 - What's Impaired Driving 2:58 View Download    
 2 - Common Myths 1:28 View Download    
 3 - Alcohol Poisoning 1:23 View Download    
 4 - Peer Pressure  2:09 View Download    
Discussion Guide     Download    
PowerPoint Presentation     Download    
The Aftermath 10:00 View Download View Download
Follow Your Dream 6:23 View Download    
Discussion Guide     Download    
PowerPoint Presentation     Download    
Stay in the Picture          
PreProm 1:50 View Download    
Prom Night 1:43 View Download    
Sierra's Story 1:04 View Download    
Summer Driving 2:35 View Download    
Discussion Guide     Download    
PowerPoint Presentation     Download    

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