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Driver Evaluation Card

Dont Bug Out

Take this self-test to review your driving behaviors:

*Your Name:
*Seatbelts: Always Sometimes Never
*Obeying Speed Limits: Drive at limit Drive 10 mph over limit Drive 10 mph over limit
*At Stop Signs: Comes to a complete stop Slowly rolls through Does not stop
*Frequent Lane Changes: Never Rarely Very often
*Yellow Signal: Slows/stops Rolls through Speeds up and goes through
*Slow Driver In Front: Passes safely Passes dangerously Tailgates
*Bad Weather: Adjusts as necessary Drives at normal speed Drives too fast
*Mood While Driving: Calm and patient A little frustrated Screaming at others
*Lane Changing: Always signals Sometimes signals Never signals
*Attention Span: Maintains attention Generally good Distracted
*Use Of Headlights: At all times For bad weather and darkness Never
*Stopping At Red Lights: Always When there is traffic Never
*Allow Pedestrians To Cross: Always Sometimes Never
*An Aggressive Driver: Move out of way Proceed with caution Compete with driver
*When Parking: Take up one spot Takes up two spots Park horizontally
*Stopping To Talk: Never Sometimes Always
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