Driving Skills

Driving Skills

Driving Skills

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Line of Sight

Driving Up Hills or driving around road bends can be risky. This four minute film can be a helpful tool to handle these real situations.


An animated film to demonstrate how you can avoid a tailgater and simple tips to NOT be a tailgater.

Driving in Bad & Winter Weather

An animated film that shares great tips and skills for driving in bad and winter weather. 

No Way Back

Four short stories of young adults who endured a coma from a car crashes resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury. 

Speeding: David was speeding as he was driving home and veered off the road. Unable to recover, his car flipped over 5 times and he had to be airlifted to the nearest hospital. 

Tailgating: Adora had her driver license for one month before her crash. She was tailgating a truck, when it suddenly braked. To avoid crashing, she swerved to the left, where she was hit by an oncoming truck. 

Time Management: Kelley attempted to exit a shopping mall parking lot by making a left turn onto a two-lane highway. She misjudged traffic and was hit by an oncoming truck. 

Blind Spots: Amy was injured in a rollover crash when her mother, who failed to slow down while approaching an upward curve on the freeway, swerved in an attempt to avoid backed up traffic from a crash ahead. 

Entering & Exiting the Highway

An animated video showing how to enter a highway at a stop sign and how to react when someone in the left lane exits to the right.

The Right Way to Make Left Turns

The Right Way to Make Left Turns (4:40)

Driving Skills 101 Tailgating

The Dangers of Tailgating (1:00)

The Other Breakfast Club

A documentary which tells the stories of six young people who met in rehabilitation during their recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury caused by traffic crashes.