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Please visit DOT’s website to view this year’s winning PSA’s – nyc.gov/walkingschools. Register now for the 2019-2020 competition! 


Competition officially opens Wednesday October 2, 2019.
Final submissions are due no later than midnight,  Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

We’re Walking Here provides students citywide with an opportunity to win cash prizes for their school as they create PSAs to highlight the importance of safer streets. This program requires two or three class periods and must include the grade-appropriate lesson that is featured in the workbook provided. 

Competition Theme

As part of the Vision Zero Initiative, we invite students to discuss ways we can change dangerous driver behavior and better protect ourselves in the traffic environment in order to prevent traffic fatalities and injuries. PSAs directed at either adult or teen drivers are strongly encouraged, but those directed at best walking and biking practices will be accepted as well.


Two Public Service Announcement (PSA) formats Classroom submissions are in one of two categories, either:
1) an original video sketch, amateur video or audio recording emphasizing Vision Zero concepts to be professionally produced as a PSA video.
Winning videos will be promoted via the NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) and National Road Safety Foundation’s (NRSF) websites.
2) three or more pairs of digital photographs encouraging safer traffic behaviors, with one photograph in each pair illustrating unsafe behaviors in the traffic environment , and a second photo in each pair illustrating the corrected safer behavior(s).
Winning photographs will be professionally produced and promoted via the NYC DOT and NRSF websites.